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Here you'll find my old acting blog with information on the projects I worked on.

PLEASE NOTE: this site is no longer updated. Please visit the new amybrown.net.

March 2008  I am pleased to perform this month in SceneShop's new show Stories We Can Tell, which is all about storytelling. I'm performing a long monologue by Lynda Rodriguez called "Watch Your Head" - a true story about having a brain hemorrhage while performing on stage, followed by months of rehab and a miraculous recovery. It's largely humorous but full of touching moments. The other parts of this show are "In BUtterfield 8..." and "Hugh and Betty." The surprising stories unfurl like flags, detailing the characters' urgent and determined encounters with life's inevitable tumult. This show will be part of the prestigious Out of the Loop Festival of WaterTower Theatre in Addison. Before heading out there, the show will premiere on Saturday March 1 at 8 pm at Stage West's new digs (821 W. Vickery, Fort Worth) along with a live band and an additional scene (tickets are $12; call 817-784-9378 for reservations). Our performances at the Out of the Loop Festival in Addison (Stone Cottage at WaterTower Theatre, 15650 Addison Rd.) are Saturday March 8 at 5:00 PM, Sunday March 9 at 2:00 PM, Saturday March 15 at 8:00 PM, and Sunday March 16 at 5:00 PM (tickets are $10; call 972-450-6232 for reservations). This is a great show and I'm proud to be involved with it!

December 2007-February 2008  In December I returned to burlesque with a special benefit performance with The Velvet Kittens. I sang "Hanky Panky" with sexy backup dancers! I've used the downtime from performing to work on my Soledad Miranda website. I'll return to the stage in March performing a long monologue at the Out of the Loop Festival as part of SceneShop's Stories We Can Tell show.
October-November 2007  In October my burlesque group performed at the first annual Texas Burlesque Festival and we won Best Ensemble for our pirate number. I performed my Princess Leia dance and was honored with the award for Best Costume. As the announcer (and many in the audience) said, I make so many dreams come true with this number. A couple of guys thanked me for the routine and said they were really geeking out...I replied that I was too! Yea Star Wars! I reprised the dance at our monthly Zúbar show. And on Halloween night, we had a full show at Minc. In addition to the group pirate number, I performed a darker version of "White Rabbit" and played a psycho nurse in a new horror dance. Finally, I realized a long-time ambition when I recreated Soledad Miranda's infamous dance from the movie Vampyros Lesbos. I made the costumes myself based on the ones in the movie. It was a labor of love and very well received by the packed audience. Upon seeing photos, people all around the world were impressed by the faithfulness to the movie. Maybe someday I'll get to show it to Jess Franco himself! In November we had a show at Suede in San Antonio. I did my solo Joe and Princess Leia. Unfortunately after this my burlesque group dumped me so I'm no longer performing now. Apparently Star Wars, lesbian vampires, and Alice in Wonderland were too "gimmicky" for them (imagine, a burlesque act having a gimmick!?!). But my fans disagree!

September 2007  My Star Wars Princess Leia burlesque performance at Dragon*Con in Atlanta was a huge success! You can see a video of it on my MySpace page. I also took part in my very first Slave Leia photoshoot. I worked again with Hip Pocket Theatre for the Cowtown Puppetry Festival. This outdoor puppet pageant attracted performers of all ages for a magical show. I played a burlesque queen in a garden party. At the end of the month I premiered my solo version of "Joltin' Joe DiMaggio" and also reprised my "White Rabbit" solo at a burlesque show at The Cavern.

July-August 2007  In July my burlesque group had a show at The Cavern in Dallas. I performed my Princess Leia dance to the delight of all the fanboys in the audience! We had another show at Zúbar and I premiered a dance to You Shook Me by Led Zeppelin, my own tribute to my favorite guitarist Jimmy Page. We performed again with Shanghai 5, this time at Sue Ellen's. I also performed my "White Rabbit" solo for the great crowd. We had a cool photo shoot with 3D photo technology created by photographer Paul Herber. In July rehearsals began for Crazed, Caged Rage!. A colleague told me that working with Hip Pocket Theatre with director Johnny Simons is like a Jedi going to Dagobah to train with Yoda. Johnny is indeed wonderful and I'm so glad to have this opportunity. This is perhaps the most unique production I've ever been in. The play is more like a dance, really, set to Stravinsky and Billie Holiday, among others. I was even given my own chance to shine as a burlesque dancer with my own dance at a pivotal point in the show. (My character, after all, was a burlesque dancer before she was sent to the reformatory - my name is Coochie Factor!) We had a great opening weekend and audiences were very receptive; our fun (but very hot) run continued into mid-August. At the end of the month I'll go to Atlanta for Dragon*Con - more news to come!

June 2007  In June my burlesque group had a double (but short) show at Zúbar in Dallas, as well as a show at a party in Austin. I performed my final murder mystery. I've got to build up my reserve energy for a special new play that I've been asked to perform in at the outdoor Hip Pocket Theatre in Fort Worth. I'm very excited about working on this project called Crazed, Caged Rage!. It's a world premiere! Here's the logline: "An innocent young woman wrongfully accused and convicted is sent to a sleazy reformatory and forced to face beastly tensions galore in this wordless drama, with music by Igor Stravinsky." I love Stravinsky! I have no idea what part I'm playing but there is no dialogue, only movement. This will be a lot of fun. It's atypical of me to mention personal things, but this month I was a bridesmaid for the first time (my friend Rachel Henderson, director of How to Dig Your Own Grave, got married).

May 2007  The kids at both of my schools performed the short play I had worked with them on all semester. It's really hard to teach unruly children, but ultimately rewarding. I represented the performing arts at a high school career fair. My burlesque group performed with the awesome band Shanghai 5 in a new dance with four new girls in our group. The show was at Lee Harvey's in Dallas and drew one of the largest crowds that bar has ever seen. Finally, I performed my "Hanky Panky" song from the burlesque group at a non-burlesque event, the Exposure Showcase. It was great to take this to another type of audience, and everybody loved it.

April 2007  I auditioned for and was cast in a unique version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by a multi-arts collaborative performance group called The Butterfly Connection. This physical-theater version of Baum's book mixed live theatre with film, song and puppetry, in an Asian-themed production of The Wizard of Oz. I had several roles, including operating some large puppets. I had a very busy week this month: I was in Eagle Pass in south Texas from Tuesday through Thursday with Teatro de la Rosa, performing the full version of El Conejito Verde for hundreds of children. The Oz production opened on Friday, on Saturday I auditioned for a theatre in Fort Worth and performed both in Oz and at a late-night burlesque show, and on Sunday had another Oz show. Whew!

March 2007  This month several of the dancers in my burlesque group performed at the Wreck Room in Fort Worth. I did a solo version of "White Rabbit", which was quite a hit. We had a late show at the Dallas Hub Theater and I also performed in some murder mysteries at the same venue. My burlesque group had our biggest audience to date when we performed at the Dallas All-Con, where I debuted my Princess Leia solo. Wow, the crowd loved it! Boba Fett joined me on stage for a surprise ending to the dance. Our group is getting more and more fans, which is quite exciting. The same day I performed with the Comedy Killers, also at the All-Con.

January-February 2007  In January my burlesque group had another hit show. I had a singing telegram as a biker babe and reprised my Dr. Wrouth role in Murder Most Ruthless for Comedy Killers, plus some performances of Hilarious Homicide. February saw my initiation as a teacher through the Rose Marine Theater. All semester I'll be teaching drama to elementary school kids in the after school program of the Fort Worth ISD. What a challenge! Comedy Killers had another successful Valentine's run at Bass Hall with Death By Chocolate. My burlesque group performed for the first time at Pocket Sandwich Theatre in an evening of dance and comedy by the improv group The Victims. At the end of the month two of us from the group gave a performance at a birthday party and the birthday girl said it was the best birthday she's ever had!

December 2006  This month saw the largest shoot yet of Take-Away Spirit, this time in Virginia. We were worked relentlessly and it was quite taxing. At the end of the month was another primetime, full-length burlesque show. We're picking up momentum and already have become locally known in Dallas, including a great write-up in The Dallas Observer. I reprised my role as the odd Nicky Dickens in the Comedy Killers show Holiday Homicide. On New Year's Eve we had two shows, one being a special edition of Romeo & Juliet & Isobella & Ros & Sally Jo.

November 2006  I'm still busy as all get-out. I acted in a short student film called Corporate Deadquarters about a big corporation (All-Mart) that hires a zombie worker to cut costs. Naturally, this has a disastrous end. I couldn't pass up a zombie film! The Comedy Killers gave a few shows of Kill The Boss. In other news, the burlesque group I'm in (with my new alter ego Kitty Brown) had our first primetime show and it was an incredible success. The theater was beyond sold out to standing room only! This was our biggest show to date, and mine as well, for in addition to my "Joltin' Joe DiMaggio" and "White Rabbit" numbers, I was in the Butoh and Robots dances this time. Also, I overcame a bit of shyness and sang onstage for the first time in my life with Madonna's "Hanky Panky". Thanks to all of you who thought I've been a singer all along! Finally, I had my first gig as an assistant director for the Commedia dell'Carte show of A Commedia Carol.

October 2006  I had several performances this month. The new Comedy Killers show was The Haunting, in which I played Claire Voyant. It's Halloween-themed and we even had a show on Friday the 13th! I also danced in Burlesque Contempo with "Joltin' Joe DiMaggio" and a new number I also conceived, an Alice-in-Wonderland-themed duet to Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit". I finished out the month with a weekend in New York shooting Take-Away Spirit, and I finally got a chance to meet the other two main actors in the film. It was great to discover we had a good rapport. That's especially important when you meet an actor for the first time and the next day you're filming a climactic scene in the movie where you're supposed to have known each other for a while!

September 2006  My career has a lot of variety this month. I joined a burlesque ensemble, Burlesque Contempo, on a whim after being invited by a fellow murder mystery actress. I haven't danced seriously since high school but I discovered I still love it. We had a couple of shows this month at the Dallas Hub Theater and I fulfilled my idea of a baseball dance number in homage to Joe DiMaggio. I'm continuing with the murder mysteries; the current one is called Queen for a Day and I play a daddy's girl pageant contestant. We also did one performance of a show called Kill the Boss, in which I had a very large and demanding role. I also had singing telegrams as a biker babe and a cowgirl. I'm getting the hang of it. As if that weren't enough, I'm now a recording artist. A while ago an acting colleague of mine, Ray Shannon from Goose Dance, asked me to compose a piano intro for a song by his band, Long Tooth Clan, called "Off To The Fields". I wrote and recorded the music and it has now been mixed with the band's recording and put online for streaming. You can read about it here and head over to their MySpace page to listen to my first effort as a recording artist!

August 2006  This month saw another fruit from my Rose Marine Theater work. The theater is home of the Latin Arts Association of Fort Worth and Teatro de la Rosa. They perform a bilingual children's play called El Conejito Verde (Green Rabbit Prince) in local schools. The group received an important invitation to perform at the Texas Commission on the Arts conference in Austin this month, but some cast members were unavailable. Rob Bosquez recommended me as a replacement. It was great perform children's theatre and I'm glad I could be a pinch hitter for Teatro de la Rosa. They have asked me to continue to understudy both children's plays they perform. August also saw the premiere of a new Comedy Killers murder mystery, The Gal From Nantucket. I played a "famous" TV adventurer and I even had my face on a Wheaties box! I morphed this character into a lion tamer for a last-minute singing telegram and performed one as a cowgirl as well. This month we also completed filming the mock trailer for Don't Let's Start, which had begun in June. Eric Rhoades, director of the short Caffeine Headache, wrote this full-length screenplay and we filmed a trailer to help with fundraising. On one shoot I was dressed as a bimbo lesbian park ranger. Fun! You can now watch the trailer on MySpace.

July 2006  My involvement in Goose Dance led me to perform in the Hispanic Playwrights Festival this month at the Rose Marine Theater (July 28-30). Rob Bosquez, an actor from the play, wrote a series of monologues called 3 From the Borderline and I performed one of them in the festival. It was a long and challenging piece but also was rewarding as I understood and bonded with it. I am flattered to have received my first review from a newspaper. Mark Lowry of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram wrote: "In Dogcatcher, Amy Brown commendably acts this free-verse piece about a woman at another type of border crossing, one involving her sanity." The murder mystery for June and July was Celebrity Newly-Deads, in which I played Angie Holie, a fun parody of Angelina Jolie. This month we also filmed more of The Sadness Will Last Forever with my mischievous French mistranslations.

June 2006  June saw my return to the stage after a hiatus since college. Goose Dance is an original play by three local women playwrights. The play premiered last fall in Weatherford and I felt honored to have been cast in the lead role for the Fort Worth debut of this powerful work. It is the first serious theatre piece I have done since college and is a truly unique and moving story for which I am grateful to be a part. Performances were June 23-June 25 and June 30-July 2 at the historic Rose Marine Theater in Fort Worth. In Goose Dance, I played a woman who faces the life-altering task of caring for her abusive brother. The poignant and irreverent look at family secrets reveals how my character’s childhood poison later becomes her medicine and how life as a caregiver changes her. The play is socially relevant and is a symbol of hope for victims of abuse. I had a wonderful time with this play and my fellow actors and the further opportunities it has brought me.

April-May 2006  In early April I had a quick weekend in Brooklyn to do reshoots for Take-Away Spirit. The weather was unseasonably cold, but the shoot went well. The current murder mystery show is Brittany's Brutal Birthday; I play the "loser, poor-fashion-chooser" Wendy Wannabe Bigbucks. This show marked the grand opening of the dinner space at the Dallas Hub Theater. I even got my parents out to see a show!

March 2006  Most exciting is the news that I have been cast in the lead role in Goose Dance, a new play being performed at Fort Worth's Rose Marine Theater. More to follow. I played two different roles in this month's Comedy Killers show, Murder Most Wrouthless. I began as the sex therapist Dr. Jezzebelle Wrouth and had a couple of shows as the blonde Barbie Doll Smith. This month I also filmed a TCU student short film called A Hard Rain, in which I played a woman returning to her husband the morning of September 11, 2001 after having a fight the night before. I also performed her sister in voice-over. The shoot was quick and efficient - the luxury of having top-notch equipment and a sound stage! I rounded out the month with another singing telegram as a sexy Catholic schoolgirl. I performed (and wrote) a rap song for it.

January-February 2006  The current Comedy Killers show is Romeo & Juliet & Isobella & Ros & Sally Jo. I play Juliet Iwannitall from Paris. The show was revamped as Death By Chocolate for Valentine shows at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth (I was Lady Ghirardelli Godiva). It was exciting to be performing in such a venue! We even had a big color picture in the weekend guide of the newspaper. I also performed my first Singing Telegram for Shane-Arts. That was different. I had to dress up in a Star Trek minidress and sing happy birthday holding a bunch of balloons in a Mexican restaraunt. The fact that I was able to do such a thing without much self-consciousness is a personal accomplishment (as was writing the custom song I actually performed, set to the tune of the Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil).

December 2005  Last month's filming of Take-Away Spirit was great. The film will have alternate scenes for its European release, which is to be called Vampiros Chinos. We got a lot of those scenes shot. You can see some photos on the movie's website. This month's Comedy Killers show was Holiday Homicide. I played Nicki Dickens, the weird assistant of a murdered boss at an office holiday party. We had a lot of shows.

November 2005  This is a very exciting moment in my acting career. Later this month I begin shooting my next major film, Take-Away Spirit, in New York. But November 1 marks the release of my first major film, The Rockville Slayer (formerly known as Unaware). This is the movie that filmed in Illinois a couple of years ago, in which I have a supporting role as an escaped mental patient with a violent past. The film was picked up for national distribution by Universal Music's Visual Entertainment division through Freestyle Home Entertainment. You can buy it from several retailers, including Wal-Mart stores and online at Amazon.com, and you can also rent it on Netflix! There are already some rave customer reviews calling this one a very creepy and disturbing film. Here's some cool news: there is a promotional "Know Your Death" contest about the film in which you can win a trip for two to Los Angeles, sponsored by Universal. One of the contest's film clips features me, screaming a LOT. Go here to enter. Not only that, but there is an interview with Marc Selz, the film's director, in the new Halloween issue of Fangoria, the horror film magazine. The release was also reported in Variety. Though the film is being marketed as a slasher movie to improve sales, it is really a dark psychological thriller. I am very proud of this one, so check it out!

October 2005  Things picked up this month with the filming of The Sadness Will Last Forever (formerly known as Replicating Eros), a 16mm film and the first movie I've done that is on actual film. Not a typical horror film, it is more of an experimental arthouse film that focuses on the characters in three seperate stories that combine at the end to a finale conclusion. The themes of the film are the death of myth, time and memory, and the breakdown of cinema (this will be a film that knows it is a film). I had filmed a small part on this last year, but the director started over with better equipment and I was invited to play another role. In my storyline is a movie within the movie, wherein I play French translator who is the liaison between the lead actress, who only speaks French, and the director, who only speaks English. However, I have a little fun by not exactly translating the correct words. Here's some trivia: I lost my cinematic virginity in this film, which involved a sex scene against a tree in the woods. (Don't worry mom, it wasn't graphic!) Then I joined a theatrical company in Dallas, Shane-Arts, which provides a variety of outlets for performers. I have started performing in their Comedy Killers murder mystery dinners. My first show was aboard a riverboat and I played a skeptical paranormal investigator named Carrie Freddy Michaels (named after some horror icons, yea!). The audience interaction was new to me, but I look forward to expanding my improvisational skills. This month I was also invited to speak to a TCU theatre class about my performance career. This was fun to do and I had a great time.

March-September 2005  This was a very slow period. In June I recorded commentary for a new DVD release of Dawn of Twilight. In July I filmed another promo spot for the local ABC television station.

January-February 2005  January was a great month! I had several paying gigs. First was a voiceover job at FUNimation (another walla session) in Full Metal Alchemist. Then I was an extra in a promo spot for the local ABC station. Next I had a job in an industrial for RadioShack. These were long days but they paid well. Hooray! Also in January was the release (VHS and DVD) of Dawn of Twilight, one of the first films in which I had a starring role. It turned out very nicely. To see the movie's trailer, go here. Order the film here. You can order shirts, posters, and hats with the movie logo on them here. Moving along to Fandom: this is a documentary about Natalie Portman fans, and I am interviewed throughout the film. It played in the Silverlake Film Festival in Los Angeles (September 2004) and at the Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco. The film is downloadable at the Cinequest Online website here. Just register and then click on the "Viewer's Voice Collection" or search for "Fandom" in their directory. I only recommend the download if you have a fast internet connection.

November-December 2004  Here's an update on Prison-A-Go-Go!, the wacky film in which I was an extra. It has been in ten film festivals, including the San Antonio Underground (June 25, 2004), the Clair-Obscure in Switzerland (December 2004), the Silverlake in Los Angeles (September 27, 2004), and the Shock-A-Go-Go! (December 3-4, 2004). It was also in the Twisted Sinema Underground Film Festival, where it won Best Feature Comedy. It has secured a world distribution deal from El Cinema on their “Shock-O-Rama Cinema” label and will be for sale in the near future. Oh, bad news about Replicating Eros (now called The Sadness Will Last Forever). The footage shot last spring is not usable for the film, so unfortunately I am no longer in the film. However, the director said the footage may be included on a DVD release.

August-October 2004   In August I got new headshots with photographer Tyler Mason. I am thrilled with the photos. They are a much-needed update. You can view them in the photos section. Nothing much happened in September. In October I starred in a short film called Embarrassing Moment No. 437. It's a comedy about two dog-walkers who meet in a park and have a nice conversation, but there is a tragic yet funny surprise ending. It was a nice shoot and the finished product looks great. Best of all, you can watch the film online! I know many of you have not had the opportunity to see me act before. You can view the short online here.

June-July 2004  In June I had a voiceover gig for FUNimation doing a "walla" episode for the anime show Case Closed . That means I voiced crowd reactions and minor lines. The much-anticipated premiere of Unaware came on July 10 in Skokie, IL (a suburb of Chicago). The turnout for the two screenings was huge! I had flown in along with my family. The film looked great and it really entertained. I was very satisfied with my performance. I heard from several audience members at the screening that I was their favorite character and that I was really scary (I played an escaped mental patient). On August 18, the film was screened in Beverly Hills to potential buyers. The good news is that the movie has secured a foreign distribution deal with American World Pictures. Internationally the film will be called Hidden Fear. The film has already been sold to Russia, Canada, Greece, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey. Domestic distribution is forthcoming. I'll keep you posted. You can see the international trailer here. I have a lot more screen time than I did in the first trailer. Finally, you can read an article about the movie on Fangoria's website here. Also in July I received a great honor. My coach, Michele Condrey, named me the top actor of the R.E.A.C.T. studio for July and August. She often calls me quirky and interesting to watch. She had this to say of me: "Amy is so wonderful to work with. She is one of those actors who actively seeks out difficult material to do in class in order to challenge herself and push her limits. Amy has the special ability to beautifully perform scenes requiring exposure of her dark side. She's talented, dedicated and has a wonderfully unique quirkiness about her. I always look forward to each week to see what she'll do next." I'm very proud of this!

May 2004  The biggest news of the moment is the premiere of Unaware, which will take place near Chicago on July 10, 2004. The film will be presented in high definition at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie. There will be two showings that evening; the theatre seats 850 and they are projecting a sell-out! The press kit for the movie looks awesome, and I am very excited to be part of this film. I will be attending the premiere along with my family. If you live near Chicago I'd love for you to come. To find out more details about the premiere, visit the movie's website. The premiere was even mentioned by Fangoria magazine! This month I participated in the 24-hour Video Race, a contest in which a team produces a complete short film in 24 hours. I played a Peggy Bundy-like housewife who poisons her husband to collect insurance money. The short screened at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. The film, called You Can Have It, was an over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek spoof of those 1950s educational videos, and was all about how to get some quick cash. Each segment had a different director; mine was by Rachel Henderson (who directed me in How To Dig Your Own Grave way back when). In other news, the website for the cable show Dr. Deadly's Theatre of Horrors is up and running and full of ghoulish content. You can even order copies of various episodes (if you're looking for me, I'm in the "All In The Family" and "Possession Is 9/10ths Of The Law" episodes). The documentary Fandom will have its Los Angeles premiere on July 6; check the website for more details.

April 2004  I started out the month shooting a small but fun speaking role in the local independent romantic comedy STUDs, Duds, & Pick-Up Lines, which was executive produced by my agent Linda McAlister. I got the role the day of shooting after the actress who was supposed to do the role got sick. I caught a preview screening of the film later in the month (talk about quick turn-around!); the official premiere was May 11 to a packed house at the Studio Movie Grill in Addison. I then did another voiceover gig for FUNimation on the anime Yu Yu Hakusho, playing a woman impregnated by a demon! It was a rather...er...interesting scene. I participated in an eighteen-hour shoot, my first ever on actual film (as opposed to digital). It was for a student project called Replicating Eros, somewhat of an existentialist vampire art film, which should have a quite unique look. I had a small role as a bellhop but also helped on the crew; it was a great learning experience. I filmed my first-ever commercial, for Rent-A-Center. I was an extra and it was for the Spanish television market; the day was long but it was nice being on a cushy union production for a change! My former acting coach Nancy Chartier was also on the shoot, so it was nice to have a buddy there to guide me through my first commercial. So, if you watch Spanish TV and see a Rent-A-Center commercial, you just might spot me in the background testing out sofas!

March 2004  The trailer for Unaware is now online and it's thrilling! Production for the ghost story Take-Away Spirit, in which I am starring, is about to begin. They are starting second unit filming in locations in China in April. After an eight-month journey, I filmed my last scenes in Dawn of Twilight this month - meaning I was finally able to get a haircut! The unusual documentary Fandom, in which I am a featured interviewee, will have its world premiere at the 2004 Newport Beach Film Festival on April 19. Prison-A-Go-Go! was a smashing success at the 2004 B-Movie Awards, winning Best B-Movie, Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Set Design! The victory was also reported on Film Threat. I caught a local screening of this and it's hilarious, unlike anything you'll ever see in HollyCrappyWood! There are lots of upcoming showings around North America: ZombieDance Film Festival (Austin, March 13), South By Southwest Interactive/Film Trade Show (Austin, March 14-16), Twisted Sinema Film Festival (Toronto, March 25), Johns Hopkins Film Festival (Baltimore, April 9-12), and showcased at the Avid booth at the NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 17-22). On a side note, I was "promoted" in my acting class and now am studing with Michele Condrey, still at R.E.A.C.T.

February 2004  It's time for news on several of my past projects. Some are nearing completion, others have been finished and accepted into film festivals, and others have screened at and WON film festivals! This means you might actually get to see me in something, depending on where you live. Unaware is my highest-profile film to date; I play an escaped mental patient in this horror movie. They're finishing up post-production and the trailer is almost ready. PR is starting up and they are pushing for a theatrical release! Lots of photos are available on the official website. Check out the feature article on the movie at Reel Chicago (yes, they mention my name in the article, super cool!). Fandom, the documentary in which I play myself, a Natalie Portman fan, now has a website and trailer. And wow, it just won Best Picture and Best Director at the DIY Film Festival in Hollywood! Congrats to director Nick Tucker, who (hopefully) understands that being obsessed with Natalie Portman is not a bad thing. Getting To Know You, the short comedy in which I play a foul-mouthed artist with questionable ethics, was accepted into the Bare Bones International Independent Film Festival in Oklahoma (April 19-25, 2004). Caffeine Headache is a short film in which I have a brief appearance as a goth girl; this will be opening the Mini-Cinema Film Festival in West Virginia on February 28. Pot Zombies, a horror/comedy in which I have a cameo appearance, is almost finished. It's getting some good buzz and has already been reported on Fangoria's website, Unspeakable Mag, and All Things Zombie. Dr. Deadly's Theatre of Horrors is a TV show in which I play a 300-year-old witch. It airs frequently on Dallas-area cable stations. It's also on DVD and it looks great, complete with nifty special effects! We just taped another episode this month. I had a second role (in normal makeup) as the Devil in a blue dress. I also doubled as a corpse for one scene. I had an extra role in Prison-A-Go-Go!, which is getting momentum at festivals. It won Best Feature Film at the Backseat Film Festival. Congrats to director Barak Epstein. The movie was also featured in the February 26 edition of The Wall Street Journal.

January 2004  Work has been slow lately, but I have taken this free time to update this website with dozens of new photos from films like Unaware, Dawn of Twilight, and Caffeine Headache (on the PROJECTS page). I'll soon be adding sections on Getting To Know You and some other short films. We have continued filming on Dawn of Twilight. Finally, for those of you who speak Japanese, may I direct you to the first fansite about me.

December 2003  We filmed a lot more of my scenes from Dawn of Twilight, including my big fight scene. It was really cold outside when we were shooting! Other than that the month has been uneventful. I did see the finished Getting to Know You, which was pretty funny. The month ended with the first rehearsal for the next episode of Dr. Deadly's Theatre of Horrors, in which I will reprise my role as Beryllia the witch.

November 2003  Things have been REALLY slow lately in the industry. Not much is going on at all. However, I did go to Taos for casting director Jo Edna Boldin's renowned actors retreat. I had a great time and got some very useful feedback from Jo Edna and also met lots of cool actors from the southwest. We have continued filming on Dawn of Twilight and I have posted lots of new photos from the movie on the projects page. I also filmed my funny cameo role in the feature Pot Zombies which is about people that turn into zombies when they smoke pot. I played a high school cheerleader who slips in blood after a massacre at the school and lands face-down in the crotch of a dismembered body. Fun! They used real animal intestines for the gore, which was pretty disgusting. You can't imagine the smell. If I weren't already a vegetarian that could've made me one!

October 2003  I met with a couple of agents this month and the big news is that I have finally have representation! Thanks to Linda McAlister for believing in me and signing me. I look forward to great things. Filming continues on Dawn of Twilight. We're starting to make some real progress, which is nice. Getting to Know You was shot this month, and I had a blast as bad-ass Mouse (a clip is already available on the movie site; see the links section). I think Mouse hasn't completely left me, as from time to time now I feel a little wicked and I know it's Mouse's fault. :-) Anyway, I made some good contacts on the shoot and was offered a role as an angry feminist (type-casting?) in a comedic short that will be done in December called 180. I took an improv workshop this month with Cathryn Hartt, a local coach and sister of Morgan Fairchild. It was fun to do improv and the first time I've ever been in an acting class with kids...that definitely changes some things! Some bad news regarding the film Apocalypse: due to contractual and scheduling problems I had to drop out of the film. Oh well, hopefully I'll have another chance to do CGI sometime in the future.

September 2003  I spent the first ten days of this month shooting my first movie on location. That is, the first movie I've been in that filmed away from my home locale and where I was flown up and housed and fed and paid and all that wonderful stuff. That would be Unaware. I had a simply amazing experience in rural northwest Illinois among cows and corn fields, playing an escaped mental patient. All of the cast and crew lived together and we became one big movie-making family. I will be writing an article about the experience for Sirens of Cinema magazine. I had a magical time working with Joe Estevez, who is one of the nicest actors I have ever met. He complimented me at every turn and was so friendly and open with me. I got to know him as well as cult stars Linnea Quigley, a fellow animal rights activist, and the intimidating Robert Z'Dar. Newcomer Nicole Buehrer played the lead in the film and she is so awesome and beautiful. Circus-Szalewski, a self-described "garden variety hoe" in the performance business, was the male lead in the movie and a really cool guy. Lots of talent from Chicago was in the film, including several younger actors who flattered me by asking advice about their roles and performances in the film. I had mostly night shoots, and the crew had to keep me warm with lights and furniture blankets while filming outside in the wee hours. My slit-wrist special effects took hours in the makeup chair. The film was shot on HD (the same thing George Lucas is now using for Star Wars!) and the footage I saw looks incredible. I even had a stunt/fight sequence! Director Marc Selz was great to work for and I look forward to the movie's red-carpet premiere, which should take place in the spring. I have been asked to appear to promote the movie on the new cable horror channel that's being formed. This movie also has already been mentioned in the Hollywood Reporter and Fangoria magazine (check out the latter article here)! By the way, over the summer the cable show I'm on, Dr. Deadly's Theatre of Horrors, was profiled in Scary Monsters magazine and I am told there's a great photo of me as the witch character in it. I'll have to track down a copy...The remainder of the month was spent doing lots more filming on Dawn of Twilight. In casting news, I was cast as the lead character Mouse in a short called Getting to Know You, which shoots in October. It is by the same people who did Mute, the horror film I starred in this past summer. Mouse is a very cool character unlike any I've ever played. I really look forward to this role and getting to shoot some comedy for a change. In other casting news, I was flattered to be offered, out of the blue and without auditioning, the lead role in Apocalypse, a sci-fi/fantasy type movie shooting in Virginia this spring with cult star and scream queen Brinke Stevens. I will be flown up in December to have a full body cast done. In this movie, I go from a devoutly religious college student to a giant bat-demon. This should be interesting! They'll have CGI and loads of special effects. In addition, Kevin Collins of One Shot Productions, who is a producer of Unaware, visited the set and we finally met after knowing each other over email for several years in conjunction with my Soledad Miranda website. Kevin was really impressed with me and has already asked me to star in a film his company is producing next year. It's a spooky Chinese ghost story called Take-Away Spirit. I've only been doing professional acting work for a year and I never dreamed my career would take off so quickly!

August 2003  We finally began shooting Dawn of Twilight. We got one scene down of me wandering around in a park and trying to remember my past. The makeup girl did a great job on my bruises and cuts...one passerby actually asked me if I needed any help! We were supposed to shoot a very climactic sequence but got kicked out of the location literally at the last minute. We were memorized, rehearsed, in makeup...the whole deal. But the motel lady thought we were bringing too much attention to the property when we arrived. She didn't want the cops to notice anything. I guess they have either a drug ring or a porn ring (or both) located there. Apparently motels don't take too kindly to independent films. Another motel said we could film there but they would sue us if the footage ever got seen. That's not very nice! If anyone has ideas on how to secure a trashy motel location for filming, please let me know....In other news, I was very excited to get my first voice-over gig this month. I have auditioned a few times for a production company that does English dubbing on anime shows (Japanese animation). Eventually they called me in to do some work! The pay is great and it's fun being in a little booth and saying silly words in a child's voice while trying to match the words to the character's mouth movements on screen. The director loved my voices and says he wants to use me on a number of future projects. One is a big role on a show hugely popular worldwide; I have recorded for it several times but we're still waiting for approval of my voice from the creators in Japan. These shows air on the Cartoon Network. The characters have action figures, games, videos galore...it's a whole new world to me. The show I'm working on right now is called Kiddy Grade; it has something to do with little girls who protect the world from evil robots or something to that effect.

July 2003  I've been doing a lot more filming this month, and wrapped my filming of How to Dig Your Own Grave. The last scene we did was the end scene, which was very gory (I turn into a zombie and get knifed in the head and beat to a pulp with a baseball bat!). It was hot and sticky and with all the corn syrup on me, pretty yucky...but still, fun. I can't wait to see how it all turns out! I also finished my role in Mute. The filmmakers were very efficient and we got a lot shot in a relatively short amount of time. It will be a while before it's finished because they still have a big kill scene to shoot, and then edit, but I am really looking forward to seeing this project. We are about to finally start filming my part in Dawn of Twilight as well. I have done a lot of work on this website, including a slight redesign and I added a page with info and photos for each of my projects. Caffeine Headache was screened at the Fringe Media Festival in Dallas and continues to get exposure, including a viewing by Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma!

June 2003  This was a busy month for me in terms of actually beginning to film all these roles I've been getting lately! First came filming on How to Dig Your Own Grave, including the scene where I accidentally kill my boyfriend, then freak out and bury him in my backyard. It was fun filming, but pretty hot outside. Equally fun was Mute; we got a few scenes on tape and they've already made a trailer (which you can watch online at the Mute website). We began rehearsals for Dawn of Twilight, and spent a lot of time going over my character's very complicated history. It was great to meet all the other actors, including the little girl who will play young me in the film. What I realized was odd is that in three out of the four films I'm in this summer/fall, my character has a younger version (i.e., Kayla/Young Kayla in Mute; Dawn/Young Dawn in Dawn of Twilight, and Jessica/Young Jessica in Unaware). I need to start growing clones of myself at various ages for these films! ;-) Also this month I was interviewed for a documentary on Natalie Portman fans called Adrift in Fandom by a guy from California. He had pre-selected some of the most interesting fans to profile and we did a long, sit-down filmed interview for his project, discussing my fandom of Natalie, and also how it has changed since I became an actor. What is great about this is that it will be shown at the Hawaii International Film Festival and has a good chance at being shown at Sundance. Exposure is great! Speaking of exposure, we had the world premiere of Caffeine Headache at the Studio Movie Grill in Plano on June 30. Turnout was huge and very enthusiastic. I heard comments like: "I loved your character" and "I wish you were on screen longer" and my part got some hearty laughs as well. This was actually the first finished project of mine I have seen; it was really cool to see myself on the big screen. (Technically, the Mojo premiere that was held last month was first, but you can barely see me in the background, so I don't really count that.) I'm also keeping up with my training, continuing to study at R.E.A.C.T.; additionally, I went to a big talent conference/seminar in Houston last month. I am very excited that this November, I will participate in an advanced actors retreat in Taos with one of top casting directors in the southwest, Jo Edna Boldin.

May 2003  I've been even busier than ever lately. Last update I had just completed leading roles in two short films and had just gotten leading roles in two feature films (which I look forward to filming this summer), as well as taped two episodes of the cable TV show I'm on. Well, I also just performed in two mini-films (one minute long each) for the new Dallas chapter of Group 101 Films. Donna May, the director, wrote these two shorts with a horror theme. These might get shown on the AMC Channel, which is really cool! The first one is called New Apartment and the second one is The Blood Party...the latter was my first vampire movie, which was very exciting for me. Also, we are about to (finally) start filming How to Dig Your Own Grave; the revised script is really great. Rachel Henderson, the director, said she wants this to be the messiest gore film she's done to date. Bring on the zombies! I also had a nice surprise when I won two awards for Diva Star from KGLE-TV: Best Supporting Actress and Best Couple. Well, the big news that I am finally able to announce is that I will have a crucial supporting role in a thriller that's being filmed in Illinois this September. The project is called Unaware and is a feature film from Marc Selz Productions, with support from One Shot Productions out of New York. They initially wanted me to play a chick that gets killed at the beginning of the film and has lots of dialogue, but little substance. When I read the script, I spotted another role, however, that I really felt drawn to and after a long process of submitting videos, and photos to make me look older, and a conference call with the director, and lots of support and negotiating on the part of the supervising producer (who believed in me for this role from the beginning), I finally got the role! The role has almost no dialogue but is a very complex and physical character and has encounters with most of the main characters. I will have a scene with Joe Estevez (Martin Sheen's brother). I play Jessica, a woman who has escaped from a mental asylum and gets blamed for some murders in the small town. Well, you can read about the plot on the movie's official site at UnawareMovie.com. Horror movie fans will be interested that cult scream queen Linnea Quigley is also in the movie. The film has already been getting publicity and shooting hasn't even started yet. This could really be a big deal for my career!

April 2003  Something is happening with my career. I have, in just a few months, gone from extra roles or bit parts to leading roles. Last month it was in short films, but this month brings the amazing news that I have been offered the lead in two separate feature-length independent films shooting this summer! How did all this happen? Well, first I'll back up and say a bit about the short films. Favorite Overcoat was a short shoot, and involved a big fight and emotional breakup. It was intense! As a contrast, Just Winnings (the new title of Even Changes) was much more fun and uplifting. It was wonderful to be the main character in these projects. I also had my first screen kiss in Just Winnings. I definitely learned a lot more than ever before on a shoot, and these were valuable experiences, as well as lots of fun! Also, we have taped two episodes of Dr. Deadly's Theatre of Horrors. It was interesting taping in a TV studio environment, and very different from an independent film set. Playing a 300-year-old witch was an interesting change of pace, to do something very theatrical and big, as opposed to the more realistic roles I've been doing. Anyway, on April 12 I had several auditions. They went very well and a couple weeks later, at the callback for one, I was offered the lead role. I was so excited to finally have the lead role in a feature film! It's so gratifying to know that the director and everyone involved believes in you and wants you for their project. Anyway, to my surprise, a few days later I heard from the writer of the other project and he and the director offered me the lead role in their feature film as well! I had to first check to see if I could schedule both films, and I could! So this means I'll be very busy this summer. But this is how it is for an actor...one moment all you're doing is auditioning, and the next moment you can be insanely busy with work. I feel so lucky to be offered these roles. The first film is called Dawn of Twilight. It is a futuristic action/sci-fi thriller and I play the role of Dawn, a woman who has amnesia; an assassin is out to get her. The film has a great website where you can read about the plot and characters and who all is involved with the film. Here's quite a coincidence: the guy who just played my loser ex in Just Winnings landed the role of the assassin, Twilight. What a small world! The second film is called Mute, a horror film/psychological thriller. I just got the script and it's great. I love the story. I play Kayla, a girl whose friends are all being killed off by a mysterious figure from their past. I have high hopes for these films. Both roles are intense and in them I have a lot of psychological torment and fright, and anger and near madness along with an innocence and vulnerability...all sorts of juicy emotions to work with. Things are getting very interesting for me!

March 2003  WELL. Updating has been slow, not because of a lack of news, but rather because I've had so much going on I've been too busy to update the website! (That's good news.) Auditioning as usual, but lately instead of smaller or extra roles, I've been reading for leading roles. And I've been getting the parts! First I had a small role as a goth girl named Cybil in a short film called Caffeine Headache that was shot at a bar in Deep Ellum in Dallas. This was fun, as I met a lot of cool actors from the area and most of the people involved were also part of Prison-A-Go-Go! (actors and crew). In fact, that's pretty much how I got the role, as the director (Eric Rhoades) was on crew for that movie and got most of his actors from it. Mostly my role involved saying dark things and writing in my journal (you should see some of the twisted drawings I did!). Then, out of boredom, my character hooks up with a loser security guard. Rehearsals continue for Dr. Deadly's Theatre of Horrors; it's really taking shape which is very exciting. We also had our photo shoot. That was crazy...I have a prosthetic nose and chin and all the regular witch trappings (including a great poison ring). It took me about an hour to get OUT of makeup! I auditioned for two short films and I got the lead in both. The first, which will be entered in a film festival, is called Favorite Overcoat and is directed by Joseph Jenkins. It is about the demise of a relationship and the effect it has on my character, Krista. The second is a University of North Texas student film called Even Changes, directed by Jaime Livas. It's about a waitress who wins the lottery only to find out that the other winner is her loser ex-boyfriend. I'm so excited about this pair of films! They're both great scripts and offer many contrasts of emotions, and my character is the central focus in each. And in the latter, my character is named Jane Morgan. Which is also the name of the last role my favorite actress, Soledad Miranda, played before she died! Also an update on How to Dig Your Own Grave: production has been delayed to this summer, but here is the official plot summary for you: "Alicia has a boyfriend David, whom she is madly in love with, and a best friend Sage. Sage is hopelessly in love with David, and Alicia accidentally ends up killing him. This sets off Sage and she convinces herself that she must bring David back from the dead in order to make things right, only to set off a horrible chain of events." I play Alicia.

February 2003  I had a couple more murder mystery gigs, which was fun (but I got recognized at one! that was a close call). Then I performed at the Exposure Showcase, which is always packed and the judges are top notch. February's judges were Charles Acosta, Terri Howard-Hughes, and Katrina Cook. Anyway, I did a very dark and disturbing monologue from Girl, Interrupted and won third place. Lots of people came up to talk to me, and I got in some good networking. My favorite compliment came from an established actor who I know from class. He told me that I made a room full of actors blush. Wow! What was great is that most of the people I know said they never imagined stuff like that monologue coming out of me. Nancy Chartier, my coach from R.E.A.C.T., worked with me on it. It felt great to perform it; I think I've finally found a monologue I truly love. That's a great feeling.

January 2003  I finally got around to making my website (this one) and it was launched on New Year's day. So far, the new year has been quite busy for me! I was an extra in Tony Quinn's short film Mojo, where I had to look sexy in a bar and pretend to have a conversation. This month we have been having our first rehearsals for Dr. Deadly's Theatre of Horrors, and we're also going to have promotional photos taken of us in character. I am working this month on how I will play Beryllia (the witch), as I have never played someone 300 years old and evil! I am basing it on Yoda, if he went to the dark side. :-) Well, not exactly. Most challenging is coming up with a convincing voice for the witch. We just wrapped shooting on the second episode of Diva Star. We shot at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, filming the scenes where my character is in the hospital being treated for leukemia. Sadly, Bibi (my character) did not do so well (she dies). It was not really weird to me to be pretending to be a patient in a hospital, but what was strange is that I was certainly the oldest "patient" there (it's a children's hospital)! I am looking forward to the next episode; all my scenes will take place in a coffin. Unfortunately, I do not get to be a vampire...just a regular dead person.

December 2002  This month I was lucky enough to be asked to join a group of murder mystery players. I had a gig at a corporate party, and for those of you not familiar with murder mystery dinners, basically they have actors posing as real guests and some get murdered, the guests get clues, and they try to figure out who the killer is and the reason for the crimes. I got to play the grand killer, and had a terrific confession scene at the end of the dinner! I was posed as a waitress, so most of the guests did not suspect me. It was fun to be working "undercover" like that. I will have some more murder mystery gigs in the spring.

November 2002  I have been auditioning lots more, mostly for horror movies (there seem to be a lot of them filmed here), as well as a trip down to Austin to audition for some major studio pictures. Cattle calls, mad houses, whatever you call them, it was crazy! This month we had our first meeting on a project I was cast in last month. A short horror film directed by a TCU student (who already has two horror shorts under her belt), the film is called How to Dig Your Own Grave. I met Rachel Henderson, the director/writer, for dinner to discuss the role, and she cast me as her lead. I describe the movie as a zombie love story. That is, it's a love story gone awry, resulting in some violence that leads to a zombie infestation. I am really excited about this! Rachel is a big Troma fan and so I got her hooked up to be a Tromette with me. Anyway, this is my first major leading role in a film project and it will be lots of fun. My character gets turned into a zombie! Another audition I had was for a cable access show called Dr. Deadly's Theatre of Horrors, and the day after I auditioned, the director/producer/writer, Gaston Huckabay, called me to say I had the role! I am replacing a cast member who moved to Los Angeles. I will play a 300-year-old witch, one of three witch sisters who were raised by the gypsies and live in a forest near Dr. Deadly's castle. The format of the show is basically to air old horror movies, with vignettes between the commercial breaks. During the vignettes Dr. Deadly sets up the movie, does experiments in his laboratory, and the other characters are all involved in a plot line unto itself. I am so excited! I will be unrecognizable with all the makeup, of course, but it will be so much fun to play a far-out character like this. This month I also began studying at R.E.A.C.T., one of the most highly-respected acting groups in the area, which is based on the Meisner Method. It is intense and definitely the best coaching I have ever had.

October 2002  My first major gig came from someone I already knew a little, but didn't know she was involved until I showed up at the audition. Diana Milena Miernik, a 15-year-old high school student and already an experienced and awarded filmmaker, was casting for her student TV show in Allen, TX. We immediately recognized each other from a TVI Actors Studio seminar we both attended earlier in the spring. Well, her project is called Diva Star and is about a little orphan girl who dreams of being an actress. She has a great start, but her caretaker becomes sick and over the years, Alula puts acting aside to care for her. This sickly caretaker was originally supposed to be her grandmother, but Diana cast me in the role, and made it Alula's aunt instead. So I became Aunt Bibi. We shot our first episode, where Alula starts out as a little girl who does very well in acting, and then it cuts to several years later where a teenage Alula (played by Diana, who was also the writer/director/producer) starts to worry about her aunt, who seems to be sick. The show airs on KGLE in Allen, TX. Later in the month I went to an eerily deserted airport to be an extra in director David Stovall's film Blue Saloon, a comedy about an Italian mob type who inherits a gay bar in West Texas (how could it not be a comedy!). This didn't involve much. Then I was an extra in a women-in-prison film starring some rather well-known B-film actresses, including one Warhol alumna. Directed by Barak Epstein, the movie was called Prison-A-Go-Go! and we extras were dressed in skimpy prisoner outfits, no bras, barefoot, and we had to run around in the mud and scream and things like that while the perverted guards chased us. It would've been a fun day, except it was very cold and wet outside, and seeing as how we were barefoot and barely clothed, we were all shivering and huddled up with one another for most of the day. Easily the highlight of my month was when I was an official Tromette for an in-store appearance and signing and a lecture the next day in Denton. The guest of honor was the legendary, and infamous, Lloyd Kaufman, president/founder of Troma (the oldest independent movie company in the world). I learned a lot from Lloyd, mainly how to film a scene where someone's arms get ripped off, or perhaps a head crushing on the side. Basically I got to look very sexy and hang all over Lloyd and "fluff" the audience for his appearance. It was fun and I got lots of free DVDs and things. Lloyd's wife, shockingly, is head of the NYC Film Commission. WOW! Troma is crazy. Troma is fun. Best of all, Troma is disturbing. I like being disturbed.

September 2002  The internet became my best friend in finding projects to work on, natch. One group I am proud to be affiliated with is KatzKasting, run by Dallas casting director Katrina Cook. Katrina is really a nice, positive, fun person and she immediately got me in on some projects, including my first paid acting gig. I was an extra on Astonishing! News, a Japanese TV show that re-enacts either famous or stupid news stories. (For instance, one was about that couple who held up a fast food chain, but then kept working the register so they would have a higher payday.) The episode I was involved with was called "The Mummy" and from what I understand (the crew was all Japanese, so the plot was not easy to find out about), it is about a legendary mummy that is uncovered and starts causing problems. I think it is supposed to start in the Old West, for the mummy's origins, and picks back up in the 1970s, when the mummy is discovered. Maybe it involves flashbacks. My segment of the show was taped in an old haunted house in Terrell, where I was an extra in some wacky 1970s garb (which I provided). The highlight of the day was the location itself, which featured baby aliens in jars, touted the appearance of EL CHUPACABRA and the half-spider/half-woman, and other disgusting novelties. Cool! Then I had a one-day stint as an assistant director on a small project, to gain some on-set experience. You know, it is so tedious! I wouldn't mind the long hours as long as there's something to do, but usually when you're an extra or on the crew, you just wait around forever (hours at a time, sometimes), and then you do a shot for ten minutes, and then you're back to waiting. I have since learned to take my script for the next project I'm doing and memorize my lines during the waits.

Summer 2002  This is when I kicked my butt into fifth gear in terms of acting. I have always been a bad procrastinator (ironically, particularly when it comes to the things most important to me). But I finally got up the gusto and guts and all that to really go after my dreams. I did an extremely intensive training program in Los Angeles, which really got me going on the right track and in the right mindset and all that. Organized by TVI Actors Studio, the program had some amazing teachers (such as the casting directors of shows like Frasier, Ally McBeal, and Law & Order: SVU, as well as major movies), and guest lecturers such as Gordon Hunt (legendary director and Helen Hunt's dad). It was extremely exhausting, physically and emotionally, but I learned so much about the business. I went on some local auditions in Texas and started getting my feet (and everything else, progressively) wet.

Old News  Who wants old news? Until SUMMER 2002 I did not consider myself a professional actor, so I don't have any news posted prior to that date. If you insist on old news, here's some: I like pizza.

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