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I now am selling a book of my Radiohead photos! For more information, go here.

I used to be a film photographer, but in particular, a Lomographer. Lomography is an analogue photography movement with the motto "Don't Think, Just Shoot". Lomographers use film cameras, often vintage and rare, and just shoot in the moment. I had four such cameras that I used in these photos. The retro Diana Mini is a plastic camera known for its dreamy deep saturation. It shoots square format and also half-frame, multiple exposures, overlapping exposures, and color flash. The modern 8-lens Oktomat, also plastic, shoots 8 sequential images on the same frame over the course of several seconds; the result is a bit like a filmstrip. The vintage 4-lens Nimslo from the 1980s lets you view 3D without special glasses. The 4 lenses are set at slightly different angles, as are the resulting photos; you view the 3D effect by refocusing your eyes. The Sprocket Rocket has a wide lens and exposes the entire film, including the sprockets holes.

I took the Diana Mini, Oktomat, and Nimslo cameras to some Radiohead shows in 2011 and 2012. I also took photos at some Radiohead shows in 2016 and 2018 with the Diana Mini and the Sprocket Rocket. I am quite pleased with the results. As with all Lomography, there are some shots which turn out poorly, and others which don't turn out at all. But there are always some happy accidents. The great thing about film photography is that you never know exactly what you're getting until the film is developed. It's a nice surprise to find some really good shots in there!

Now for some photos. Click the thumbnails to be taken to the photos' pages on my Lomo site. There, you can see hi-res versions and read technical specs. The photos below are arranged by camera. To the right are some Nimslo photos that look better as single frames. For even more photos, go to my Lomo page. On a related note are some Atoms For Peace photos I took in 2013, and a Thom Yorke photo I took in 2018. (Atoms For Peace is related because it's a side project of the lead singer of Radiohead, Thom Yorke, and has the same lighting designer, Andi Watson.) Not as many of these photos turned out because the shows weren't as bright.






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