Here are scans of me. And I mean that. Not scans of photos of me, but literally scans of me! I just scanned away. I really hope that I didn't expose myself to radiation or do anything damaging to myself in doing these... but I figured it's okay. I did get a slight headache... but I'm sure that's completely unrelated to this! :-) As far as I know, it's perfectly OK to scan yourself. Okay, on with it! Believe me, this project wasn't easy. I mean, the slightest movement while scanning resulted in a blurred or distorted image. Plus, it was hard to get much lighting.

Now what you see below is an altered image - really! I did the regular scan of myself, and then tinkered around with colors and made a collage.

Here is a scan of my right hand. Exciting, huh? Now here's what is weird. I am listening to Joan Osborne's Relish album. As I was uploading this image a moment ago, her song "Right Hand Man" was playing. For real! Right now "Pensacola" is playing. That probably doesn't mean anything, though.

More to come... So anyway, what do you think? Is this art? Or just messing around? It's kind-of a new form of portrait photography. Except without a camera - that step is basically bypassed.

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