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This site is about some women whom I think are amazing. These are original, truly unique women who boldly (and sometimes shockingly) express themselves. They are not afraid to show their individuality and opinions, to break the rules and gain notoriety in what is, unfortunately, often a man's world. They are amazing and exquisite examples of the power that is within all women.
The women to whom this site is devoted are writers George Sand and Djuna Barnes; artist Frida Kahlo; musicians Madonna, Tori Amos, and Olga Kern; and actors Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore, and Natalie Portman. Each of these amazing women serves as an illustration of the power of all women to challenge themselves - and the world - by being uninhibited, strong, and decidedly individual.
What is the root of my unabashed feminism and passionate belief in female empowerment? You must read When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone. This is the most interesting book I have read in my life, and it has played a major part in shaping my opinions. It tells how the very first religions were Goddess-worshipping, how in early societies women were supreme. They were the heads of households, makers of law, warriors, rulers... whatever men are now in patriarchal society, women were in those matriarchal societies. The book also describes the gradual destruction of the Goddess religions by societies that worshipped a male god, and finally deconstructs the myth of Adam and Eve to expose it for what it is: propaganda.

This site is about amazing women;
their brilliance, talent, and passion;
and the power of all women
to be amazing.


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