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Amy Brown (1976- )

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I haven't updated this information or photos in a while, so for the very latest visit my website or find me on MySpace.

Well here is where I talk about myself. Tori Amos is my one of my favorite musicians in the world. I also like Björk, Led Zeppelin, Madonna, Jimi Hendrix, Hooverphonic, Radiohead, PJ Harvey, The Doors, The Flaming Lips, Feist, and Bauhaus. Classical music is one of my great passions in life, and I have the CDs to prove it! Some of my favorite composers are Chopin, Debussy, Bach, Rachmaninoff (and other Russian composers), Couperin, John Williams, Wojciech Kilar; well... I could list dozens of composers that really inspire me and light my fire. I have played the piano since I was six years old and the harpsichord since 1998. When I play the piano, I love playing Satie and Chopin most of all. On the harpsichord, I love to play Couperin, Bach, and Scarlatti. On a different note, I also love Ella Fitzgerald. From the first moment I heard her I was taken away. I am astounded by her genius and passion, as well as her pure talent. Needless to say, music is a huge part of my life and truly one of my greatest raisons d'etre!
Another of my huge passions is my belief in vegetarianism. I have been a vegetarian since I was 13 years old, ever since I read a short story by James Agee called A Mother's Tale. I urge you to read this story. I used to have a link to it here but the "James Agee Trust" forcibly removed it :( My beliefs have evolved over the years, but basically I am a vegetarian because I believe it is wrong to kill an animal for food. Actually I think it's wrong to kill for any reason whatsoever, so I believe in animal rights in general; I don't wear any leather products or anything else that has caused an animal to die. Since I do not believe in God and I adhere to no religion, vegetarianism is the closest to a religion that I come. What I mean is, it takes the place in my life that religion fills in many people's lives in that it is what is most important to me in the world, I believe more strongly in it than I do in anything else, and it affects my life every day. Now that I put it that way, I guess vegetarianism is more important to me than religion is to most people! Or at least I am more devout in it than many people are with their religion. Anyway, vegetarianism is the issue that is most important to me in the world, fundamentally, and has been for as long as I've been a vegetarian.
Ok, that was the heavy stuff... and now for something completely different! General info about me: I am a college graduate with a major in theatre. I speak French. I had a cat named Inky who was my roommate, companion, and soul mate for 18 wonderful years (if you are a cat person, you might understand that last one). I now have seven fabulous cats under my care. I collect rocks and minerals. I love Frida Kahlo, Bosch, and Surrealist artists including Dalí, Ernst, and Magritte. Antonin Artaud, theatre theorist extraordinaire, is one of the greatest performance visionaries I have ever come across. I like reading books by and about the Amazing Women on this website. Some of my favorite books are La petite Fadette by George Sand, The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall, and Dracula by Bram Stoker. I also read a lot of nonfiction. I am a huge Seinfeld fan and I used to brag about having every single episode on tape, in order (this was before DVDs)! I'm also totally into The L Word and Carnivàle. I also love all the Star Wars movies, mythology, books, characters, and lore. My favorite actors include Holly Hunter, Jodie Foster, Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, Cillian Murphy, Drew Barrymore, and Natalie Portman; the all-around most brilliant man in entertainment: George Lucas. My favorite movie is The Piano (big surprise!) and I also love The Silence of the Lambs, Fight Club, Frida, Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula, Leon/The Professional, The NeverEnding Story, Natural Born Killers, and other unique and independent films. I'm a big fan of classic French films, Hitchcock, and the horror films of European directors Jean Rollin (such as Fascination and La morte vivante) and Jess Franco (such as Eugenie and Vampyros Lesbos with my current obsession, Soledad Miranda). My hobbies (other than music): art; creating, designing, and maintaining my websites. You can find links to all my websites here. I have listed some of my favorite websites below. I also like creating and altering images. There are links to my work below as well.

Here are some old photos of me:

That's Inky!

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